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Bowen Fascial Release

Using a gentle thumb and finger rolling technique, Bowen facilitates a slow release of the body's facsia (soft tissue) and muscle. Often the body may have suffered an injury, or developed a postural habit, which if not corrected, can cause discomfort as the soft tissue tightens. The Bowen move can initiate an 'unravelling' of tight facsia and act as a reset button to address injury and/or postural misalignment. Some report it has helped address their migraines, hayfever and respiratory complaints.  It is so gentle, that it  suits  anyone from newborns to the elderly.



A gentle and effective massage and pressure technique, applied to specific reflex points on the feet (and sometimes the hands). It is based on ancient therapies, which believe in the link between reflex points and other areas of the body. The aim of treatment is to help restore the body to its natural point of balance. Following treatment, people often report: sleep improvement, feelings of relaxation, improved mood and a  deep sense of well being. 




''After trying the usual traditional routes for sciatic pain, with no success I decided to try Bowen Therapy. I had never heard of it before and was unsure of what it was. Jo was very patient and explained it in very simple terms what it was and how it could help me. I am happy to say the pain which I had endured over the last couple of months has improved greatly and I have much more flexibility. Jo has a friendly manner and genuine concern for my well being. I would be happy to recommend this treatment – it certainly helped me.'' - Miss S



Bowen 50 Minute appointment - £50

Reflexology - £48

30 minute appointments - £30

Child appointments - £25

One to One Yoga sessions from £60

Personalised movement and pain relief package - 5 x 1 hour sessions - £250

Block booking discount and vouchers available​

' I suffer with severe emphysema with just a 25% lung function,  I decided to try Reflexology and have found this the most effective treatment to allow me to relax. and have felt a real improvement in my life and day to day living. I was very sceptical at the outset, thinking nothing could help, but now am a complete convert, and would recommend anybody to try these treatments which can help with an improved lifestyle.' - Mr C